If you have a family member who is reaching the end of his or her life or you’re researching hospice programs in Philadelphia for a beloved friend, losing someone you care for can be one of the hardest parts of life. Understanding what to do immediately after your loved one passes away can help you manage this painful time. Here are a few tasks to take care of immediately after someone passes.

Seek a Legal Pronouncement of Death

If your loved one passes away in a hospital or nursing home, an on-site doctor will make a legal pronouncement of death. However, if your loved one passes away in his or her own home, you’ll need to seek a medical professional to provide you with an official declaration of death. To do this, call 911 as soon as your loved one passes away. Emergency medical staff will transport your loved one to an emergency room and provide you with a declaration of death. If you have a pre-arranged funeral in Philadelphia planned, emergency medical staff will transport your loved one to your selected funeral home after issuing a declaration of death.

Tell Family Members and Friends

After funeral plans have been put into place, inform family members and friends of your loved ones that he or she has passed. You may want to individually call those who were closest to your loved one and send out a mass email to others who may be interested in attending his or her funeral service.

Provide care for pets

Pets are often ignored or forgotten during the grieving process. Be sure to provide or arrange care for any companions your loved one was responsible for looking after.

Losing a loved one is a painful, confusing, and stressful process. McCafferty Funeral Home is here to help make the process of funeral and cremation planning easier and give your loved one the remembrance that he or she deserves. Contact our team by calling 215-531-5014 for assistance.