Frequently Asked Questions

Our funeral home offers burial services starting at $5,250 and cremation services at $1,195. National averages for funeral services in 2017 were over $8,000. Most funeral service experts will tell you to budget at least $10,000 for a basic funeral and burial. That will not be necessary if you decide to allow McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. to professionally conduct your loved one’s services. Our firm has been built on the ability to provide excellent service for the lowest price in the Philadelphia area for over 50 years. Our expert caring staff will be able to help you and your family through the most difficult time of their life without overspending.

At one time in each of our lives we will have to handle arrangements for a loved one who passes away. There are many things to think of, here are a few tips:
  • Make your decision after meeting the funeral service professional.
  • Did the deceased express his/her wishes about the type of funeral service they desired?
  • If the funeral is going to involve a burial…what cemetery is the burial going to take place? If it is going to be a cremation…what is the surviving family going to do with the cremains (ashes)?
  • Discuss payment options with the funeral home and have a budget to work within before you make any decisions.
  • Plan a meaningful ceremony for your loved one and designate a priest, minister or preacher to officiate.
  • Designate a location for the viewing or memorial. It can be held in our funeral home, any church, nursing home or household.

Yes, there are many different ways to have a beautiful meaningful funeral service that involves a cremation. Call our office anytime 215-531-5014 to discuss the options or just click on the Cremation Options tab.

When a death occurs contact Mark McCafferty 215-531-5014 24hrs a day, 7days a week (cell 215-432-8339). We will arrange with the hospital, nursing home or medical examiners office to have your loved one picked up and placed into our care. If the death occurs at home, please contact us when you are ready for us to come. If your family wants some extra time to spend with the deceased to say good bye, that is acceptable also.

When a death occurs far from home, McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. can still help you. We have relationships with shipping services and funeral service establishments all over the continental United States. We are able to assist you no matter how far away the death occurs.

When Death Occurs

When Death occurs in your family, you will be faced with many important decisions. Preplanning can alleviate many of these tasks by taking care of them before the death occurs. For more information on prearrangements just click on the pre-planning tab. McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. is here to guide you through the entire process 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

Call, 215-531-5014 and inform our staff of the death, at which time we will ask you to think about a few things…such as:

Once we have established where the death has occurred, we will set up a time with your family for the arrangement conference. It may be the same day as the death, but it is ok to want some time to gather your thoughts and come in the next day.

At the arrangement conference, we will need the following items and information:

Also, there are several other things to think about and take care of regarding the services. If there is going to be a digital obituary we would need all of the background information about the deceased. We contact social security for the surviving family members alerting them of the death. If you are paying the funeral bill with insurance, we will handle that call for you. Think about what flower shop you want to use. To make things easier for you, our firm will order flowers and coordinate the delivery. Also, you will need to select pallbearers to carry the casket and honor the deceased, typically 6 pallbearers are required.