Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial Services in Philadelphia, PA


Traditional burial starting at $5,250 is the type of funeral service that most people envision when they think of a funeral. The deceased is embalmed, dressed, and placed into a casket. For this service our funeral home will transfer the deceased from the institution of death, have the embalming performed, and print standard memorial cards in honor of the deceased, a casket is included which comes in 4 different colors (Silver, White, Copper, and Blue), we will publish a digital death notice listing service times, location and survivors, we file the death certificate in center city, obtain necessary copies for all affairs, 3-4 staff members work the funeral and then take the casket in the hearse in procession to the cemetery for the burial.

There is typically a 1-2 hour viewing where people can pay respects to the deceased and survivors. After the viewing, there is a prayer service in the funeral home or a service/mass in church.  This affordable burial option allows people to see the deceased and celebrate the life lived and support the surviving family. Traditional funerals and burials can be customized to reflect the life and love of the deceased. Life tribute videos with a personalized music playlist can be viewed, photos displayed, as well as mementos and favorite possessions of the deceased. We can celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that makes you feel comforted and proud. Our experienced staff will listen to your concerns and ideas, and work with you and your family to have a beautiful and meaningful funeral service for your loved one. No request is too big and all wishes and burial plans will be honored. Nursing homes, hospice facilities, residential deaths, preparation of autopsies, or donation remains would require additional fees.

Traditional Funeral Services