No one wants to leave their family with funeral expenses following their passing. Philadelphia crematories offer men and women reaching the final stages of their lives with a more affordable way to remember their legacy and share hope with friends and family members. But how much does it cost to be cremated — and are there any advantages cremation offers over burial services? 

The average cost of a direct cremation across the United States is $1,100. However, this price may vary widely by state. For example, across Pennsylvania, the average resident will pay about $1,800 for their cremation services. Residents of Wisconsin, on the other hand, can expect to pay just $1,000 for their service on average. On the opposite end of the spectrum, residents of Virginia might pay over $2,000 for their cremation. This makes it especially important to compare prices and understand exactly what’s included with each company’s package before you commit.

Note that the price of the cremation might not include all of the expenses associated with a cremation and service. Other expenses you may need to fund when you schedule a cremation may include urns, expenses associated with viewings and memorial services, flower arrangements, and funeral home services.

More and more men and women are choosing cremation to save money over a traditional burial. Cremation services are significantly less expensive than burials and offer the same opportunities for memorials as burials. Today’s cremations are both beautiful and more affordable for everyday residents.

Men and women who are reaching the end of their lives can take financial burdens off of their family members with pre-arranged cremations in Philadelphia from McCafferty Funeral Home. If you are in need of assistance with cremation planning, please contact McCafferty Funeral Home by calling 215-531-5014. Our team is standing by 24/7 to provide you with options when you need them.