If you’ve attended a funeral in the past, then it’s likely you’ve seen your fair share of floral arrangements. The symbolism of their colors and species can make flowers a gift that is as meaningful as they are beautiful. However, what kind of flowers are brought to funerals? Here’s a look at several of the common types of flowers that are gifted during funerals and why.


Roses are one of the most popular flower species and are used as gifts on many occasions, and funerals are no exception. Red roses are a beloved color, representing love and respect, which are appropriate feelings for an event as serious as a funeral. 

However, there are several other colors as well, including pink, which can represent grace, and white, which can represent reverence. If you wish to convey multiple meanings and feelings, you can choose multiple rose colors.


White lilies are among the more traditional funeral flowers and create a calm and relaxing feeling. They are believed to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary in Christian belief and represent renewal, the soul of the departed returning to an innocent state. These meanings can make lilies a comforting gift for departed loved ones.

These sympathy and funeral flowers can be ordered from a local florist and can be delivered directly to the funeral home or the service location, offering a timely expression of condolences during this difficult time.


Orchids also represent departed souls, albeit in another way than lilies. This flower symbolizes eternal love, suggesting that one’s love for the deceased will continue long after their passing. An orchid can also mean endurance, making it an appropriate flower gift for a funeral.

Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids are the most common varieties used in funeral service, each with its own unique message — the former reflects a sincere expression of sympathy, while the latter symbolizes a life well-lived. They can be a good choice to have delivered by a local florist for a funeral or a memorial service, showing honor for the life of the loved one who has passed.


Also known as mums, chrysanthemums have multiple meanings. In some cultures, they are known to represent truth, while in others, they can signify death or grief. All of these meanings make them an appropriate gift during a funeral, as funeral flowers featuring chrysanthemums send a clear message of sympathy and remembrance. 


Anyone who wishes to express remembrance to someone during a funeral should consider gifting carnations. This type of flower is rather flexible, as they can be arranged as standing sprays, funeral wreaths, and other kinds of floral arrangements.

Another reason why carnations are popular funeral flowers is because they last a long time and their sweet, pleasant scent is comforting. Red carnations are used to express admiration, while white carnations symbolize pure love and innocence.

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