“Lets Have A Discussion About Planning”

What do I do when a death occurs? When a death occurs, contact McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 215-531-5014. We will arrange with the hospital, nursing home, or medical examiner’s office to have your loved one picked up and placed into our care. If the death occurs at home, please contact us when you are ready for us to place your loved one into our care.

Funeral & Cremation Planning in Philadelphia, PA

Pre-arranged cremations and pre-arranged funerals are set up by our staff at our funeral home and crematorium every day. Death is not a typical topic that most people are interested in discussing. While it may seem odd or inappropriate to discuss your end-of-life wishes or those of a loved one, it is practical to talk about pre-arranged funerals, burials, and low-cost cremations. Planning ahead allows you to make decisions with a clear mind. You are also relieving your family from stressful decisions which allows them to grieve and prepare for the funeral services.

Such planning is a beautiful gift of love to your survivors and eliminates any guessing as to what your final wishes were. Cremation? Burial? Sea Scattering of Cremains? Memorial? What Pastor or Priest? Where is the burial going to take place? What clothing? What Prayer Card? All of these questions will be answered and your family will be eternally grateful. All of the financial arrangements can be handled as well. Not only can you make all of your own decisions, you can alleviate the financial burden on your family. Many hospice programs and nursing homes in Philadelphia and surrounding counties prefer that their clients have a prearranged funeral or cremation account set up with a funeral home.

Many nursing homes, elder care facilities, and hospice programs  require “Burial Accounts.” These accounts are specifically designed to help pay for all of your final expenses, whether it’s a prearranged cremation or burial. We all die, this is a fact. If we know that dying is a certainty, then it makes sense to plan for it. McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. will see to it that all of your wishes are carried out down to the last detail. Call our office at any time to set up an appointment or have a discussion at 215-531-5014.