How to Celebrate a Life After the Funeral Service

November 25th, 2021

As you call for funeral planning in Philadelphia, you might start thinking about the person’s life. Funerals are a formal way to say goodbye after a loved one’s passing, but you don’t have to forget them. There are many ways that families can celebrate the departed’s life following the funeral proceedings that can be uplifting. Here are several ideas of what to do after a funeral that can help you celebrate the departed’s life.

Plan a Remembrance Meal

Gathering after a funeral to share a meal with friends and family of the deceased is one way to remember their life. There are numerous ways you can serve food and drinks during the celebration, such as through a buffet-style meal, a catering service, or even some appetizers during the post-funeral reception. Alternatively, you can host a picnic outside in a local park or nature preserve if the weather permits. Gathering after a funeral outdoors can be relaxing, thanks to nature’s calmness. Additionally, consider having a happy hour to share stories about the deceased loved one and enjoy a drink with the guests in attendance.

Have a Memorable Sendoff

If you’re wondering what to do after a funeral, then consider having a memorable sendoff. This final goodbye can be an emotional way to celebrate their life and move on, and there are numerous ways and methods of doing so. Here are several ways you can host a memorable sendoff as a gathering after a funeral.

  • Lighting candles for the dead is a common tradition in many cultures, so hosting a candle vigil is a beautiful way to hold a final goodbye, especially at night.
  • Another possibility is with a lantern release. Sending off a paper lantern into the beyond can be a powerful way to say goodbye. Balloons can also be used in such a ceremony, but lanterns are better for the environment.
  • If you have chosen to cremate the departed, then scattering their ashes can be an alternative to storing them in an urn. Bringing the fallen’s ashes to a place that held meaning to them and then releasing them into the wind can be a poignant moment for family members.
  • Families who live by the ocean or whose departed loved the water can schedule a paddle out ceremony, where guests swim or paddle into the waves onboard while carrying flowers.
  • Planting a garden in remembrance of the fallen, with family members bringing their own flower seeds, is one way to celebrate the life of the lost for many years following the gathering after the funeral.

Host a Life Celebration Party

Those who are still unsure of what to do after a funeral can host a life celebration party. Setting up a photo display of the deceased, playing their favorite songs, and having a memorial reading are some of the features you can incorporate into a life celebration party. Additionally, if some relatives or friends are unable to attend, you can live stream the party to them so they can experience the event.


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