How to Buy Funeral Flowers: 3 Etiquette Points You Should Know

December 24th, 2018

Sending a gift of flowers to a friend who has lost a loved one is a simple and affectionate way to say “I care, and I’m here for you.” But which flowers are best to send and when is the right time to send them? Before you choose your flowers, be sure to consider these three quick etiquette tips for sympathy bouquets and arrangements.


  • There are a few flowers that are traditionally reserved for the family of the deceased to buy and place on the casket as a final goodbye. These typically include casket sprays and wreaths. Avoid purchasing these flowers if you are not closely related to the deceased and instead opt for an arrangement of white, pale purple, or pale green flowers. Lilies, pale carnations, and gladioli flowers are all appropriate and traditional choices that will tell the family of the deceased that you care.


  • Are you looking to pay your respects without spending too much money? Funeral plants like the poinsettia or peace lily provide an inexpensive and appropriate option that can be displayed at the service. If you are attending the ceremony, you may also want to consider pooling money together with other guests to purchase an arrangement before the service.


  • All bouquets and flower arrangements should be sent to the funeral home in Philadelphia prior to the service so they can be properly arranged and set to be displayed. If you are unable to attend the service and would still like to show your sympathy, you should send a funeral gift basket or flower arrangement to the family member you are closest to.

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