At the time of losing someone you love, it is imperative that you are assured they will be handled with the utmost care. At McCafferty Funeral Home, no one is more suited to take care of your loved one than our staff of compassionate and considerate personnel. As unfortunate as funerals are, their expenses and arrangements must be dealt with in a timely and organized manner. McCafferty Funeral Home offers affordable cremation services in Montgomery County for those bearing the weight of funeral expenses.

Here is what you should consider when planning a cremation:

Losing someone you love can be a confusing and extremely difficult time. These tragedies often occur when you least expect it, leaving you with very little time for arrangements to be made. Read below to review the various aspects that need consideration during cremation planning.

You have the option of having a memorial service before cremation

If you wish for family members and friends to be able to see their loved one prior to cremation, you have the option to organize a viewing. For many family members, coping with the death of a loved one can be unbearable, with the reality of the situation still unclear. Having a time set aside for a viewing allows people to say their final “goodbyes” and pay their last respects.

Transporting Remains

At such a difficult and often unexpected time, provisions may need to be made. Transporting your loved one to another location is a manageable option if necessary. With a few things in mind, it is possible to transport the cremated remains by mail or by air. There will be paperwork to fill out and proper certification and verifications required for transportation. To allow smooth security checkpoint run-throughs with TSA, be sure to check your airline for any requirements and/or restrictions.


There are many options when interring a cremated body. The remains may be placed in a columbarium, an existing burial space, a small plot for cremated remains, or an urn garden. They may also be situated in a mausoleum. It is also common to arrange cremated remains to be placed in memorial items, such as cremation benches, grave markers, memorial stones, etc.

You May Keep The Urn At Home

Choosing the right urn is typically based on functionality and design. Some people choose to put biodegradable urns out to sea, while others keep them in their home. While some prefer to contain the cremated remains into one urn, they can also be split and divided amongst family members into multiple keepsake urns.

Scattering of Remains

Scattering cremated remains is a popular option for memorializing loved ones. If you choose to scatter cremated remains, locations for such method are endless. The remains can be scattered on either private or public land. Most often, remains are spread into a body of water, cemetery, or park.

There are many things to consider when planning a cremation, but the process does not have to be overwhelming — experiencing the death of a loved one is hard enough as it is. Choosing the right service provider is not only important for the memory of your loved one, but also for grief-stricken family members and friends, as a ceremony is an important part of the healing process.

For affordable cremation in Montgomery County, visit McCafferty Funeral Home and let us provide your loved one with an honorable service that will be remembered for years to come. At McCafferty Funeral Home, we want your experience to be handled with comfort and care. Our staff wishes nothing more than to alleviate the added stress that comes with funeral arrangements. For more information, please call us at 215-531-5014 or 215-432-8339. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.