If you’ve lost a loved one, you probably already have a ton on your mind—from consoling loved ones to scheduling your low cost cremation in Montgomery County, you have a ton to do and think about. Planning your funeral outfit is likely to be the last thing on your mind. Luckily, today’s funeral attire rules aren’t as strict as previous decades, and an all-black ensemble is no longer required in most circumstances.

When you’re thinking about what to wear to a funeral, consider clothing in your closet that would be appropriate to wear to a job interview. Dark colors, conservative cuts and subtle fabrics are still considered standard and acceptable for attending a funeral service or memorial.

Male attendees should wear a dark-color suit and tie, pants, a button-down dress shirt in white, black, navy, or another darker color, and dress shoes or loafers. Men should avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, sneakers or other types of athletic shoes, and baseball caps.

Appropriate outfits for women are more flexible—female attendees can choose to wear dark-colored dress pants with a long-sleeve blouse or sweater, a shift dress, or a long-sleeve shirt with a dark-colored skirt. Women should avoid wearing attention-grabbing colors (like red, neon, or orange) and festive fabrics. Makeup and hairstyling should be kept subtle and natural except for when makeup is part of a cultural funeral procession.

If you are attending a religious funeral, know that some cultures have unique traditions that dictate what is and isn’t appropriate funeral dress. For example, if you are attending an Eastern Orthodox funeral, an all-black outfit is still required because the black of the fabric symbolizes mourning. However, some religions (like the Quakers) don’t consider black to be a mourning color, and dark hues aren’t required during the service or memorial. If the service is very religious, there may be additional dress requirements, such as head coverings for both men and women and long-sleeve shirts and skirts for women. If you aren’t sure about the specific dress requirements of a certain religion, ask a member of the deceased loved one’s family for tips before you choose an outfit.

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