Choose a Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA

The directors at McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. will travel to any cemetery the family wishes to have their loved one’s interment take place. Different cemeteries offer a wide range of price points based on the needs of the purchaser. If you have any questions, you can always call our office, 215-531-5014.

The directors at McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc. will travel to any cemetery the family wishes the interment to take place. 

Magnolia Cemetery
6950 Tulip St
Philadelphia, PA 19135-2018
(215) 624-1226

Cedar Hill Cemetery
5800 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 533-2969

Greenmount Cemetery
4301 N Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19140-2796
(215) 329-4747

Oakland Cemetery
4650 Ramona Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(215) 743-6877

Forest Hills Cemetery
101 Byberry Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19116-1901
(215) 673-5800

Ready to start planning?

For more information about planning a burial or to schedule a consultation, please call 215-624-4200.