Planning a funeral isn’t the best experience. Many times, funerals happen unexpectedly and with very little notice. Unfortunately, this leaves those that are responsible for planning a funeral grasping at last-minute options with little help. That’s why it helps to have a funeral plan in advance. Although some people may be hesitant to prepare for their final send-off, it can come as a great relief to loved ones if preparations are made beforehand.

Here we’ll go over 7 of the most important tips when it comes to planning a funeral service and some of the things you can do to ease the burden placed on your loved ones.

Learn Exactly What Is Involved With Planning a Funeral

To make preparations for a funeral, you must first know the basics of how things are handled. There are many options someone can take when planning for a funeral. From burial and cremation to what type of service is held at the funeral home, there is a multitude of details that will need to be addressed when the service is held. That’s why it’s important to know precisely what is entailed when it comes to planning a funeral service.

Find the Funeral Home You Want to Use

The next thing you need to do when planning final preparations is find the funeral home you want to use for your service. It’s best to shop around extensively to find the best pricing and best location for your funeral. Average costs for a final send-off vary depending on the region of the country you’re located in. Since costs can be high, it’s best not to settle for the first funeral home you visit. Calling local funeral homes and inquiring about prices is a great way to start the selection process. Once you narrow down your search, take the time to visit each of your final choices to visit with the funeral home directors in person.

Pay in Advance if Possible

Almost all funeral homes offer packages for those wishing to make advance plans for their service. Pay close attention to what the packages include and only pay for the services that you want. Once you decide on what is needed, secure the funeral home’s services with payment.

Have a Will Drawn Up

Another ideal way to have your final wishes honored is to have a will drawn up with a lawyer. In a will, you can have an executor selected who will be in charge of all the necessary steps to take following your death. If choosing cremation, you must have the word cremation in the will and who is to be the sole signer of the cremation permission slip for it to be valid and enforceable.

Talk it Over With Your Loved Ones

Perhaps the best step you should take when planning a funeral is talking with your loved ones. Tell them what type of service you want and what things they should do following your passing. By taking the time to speak with a trusted relative, you can put yourself at ease when it comes to planning your funeral.

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