3 Questions to Ask When You Consider Hospice Care

No one wants to think about the possibility that someone they love will no longer be able to care for themselves — especially if that person is a parent or another close relative. However, hospice programs in Philadelphia are often the best solution for men and women who are in pain, whose illness is not responding to treatment, or who need intensive care. But when is it time to consider hospice? Ask yourself these three questions before you make your decision.

  • Is my loved one unable to perform their daily routines? When we enter the last stages of our life, our mental state may begin to decline. It’s normal for those entering the end of their life to be frequently confused or unable to stick to a routine. If mental confusion is causing your loved one to forget to take their medications, eat, or perform other tasks that keep them safe and healthy, it might be time to consider hospice care.
  • Is my loved one making frequent trips to the emergency room? Regular trips to the emergency room may mean that your loved one is no longer safe in his or her home and that they require more supervision. If your loved one is in and out of the ER frequently and not responding to treatments, it might be time to move onto hospice care.
  • Is my loved one in an unbearable amount of pain? Hospice care is all about improving the quality of life of your loved one. If your loved one is receiving aggressive medical treatment to which they aren’t responding, hospice care can significantly improve his or her comfort.

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. McCafferty Funeral Home is continuing to provide pre-arranged funerals in Philadelphia as well as cremation services. Call today for immediate service.  

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