Willie Ann McGuire

March 3rd, 2021

Willie Ann McGuire, the University City section of Philadelphia, passed away on February 27th, 2021, at age 84. My name is William I am the son of Willie Ann McGuire it’s my honor to tell you about the exceptional woman I was lucky enough to call Mom. Willie Ann (Billy) was born to Thomas and Polly Wilks on March 9th 1936 most people knew she grew up in Philadelphia but not everyone knows she was actually born in the small town in Virginia called Charlotte Courthouse Virginia. Philadelphia became the city and home that she loved. My mother always thought everything was more special than it was, that’s probably why both my wife Rita, Bella ( Grandma’s baby) our dog and I thought you were incredibly special. Mom’s friends and family who walk through the doors of her home felt special also. Miss Billy or Miss Ann whatever name you knew her by was not a mild or meek woman she was feisty and would put you in your place in a minute and will smile at you the same time. If she likes you you would have a friend for life. Mom may never have had a glamorous career and she didn’t ever pursue any education beyond high school, but she was well respected within the community. Mom was one of four children, Mahalia (Sis), Carl and Edd (Betny). Mom had many nephews and two nieces that loved her. She will be highly missed by friends and family. Mom live the simple life but with great zest. She proved you didn’t need to pursue some great calling beyond loving the people around you to make a sizable impact. I would like to carry on her Legacy by making the people around us feel special and by making friends wherever we go.

I would like to thank my cousin Big Rick for being there for her, also Miss Lois and Miss Greer.  the Penn Medical team, Nurse Patti and Social Worker Miss Jill. The Mount Vernon Property Management team, Miss Nelsi and the maintenance team.