Albert Lingo Pritchard

Albert Lingo Pritchard, Jr., also known as A.A. Pritchard, passed away on Saturday March 17th at Sacred Heart Home in Philadelphia, PA. He died peacefully surrounded by his family after a long battle with Cancer. He was 69 years-old. Albert was born on September 28, 1948 in Atlanta, GA, to Albert Lingo Pritchard, Sr. of Atlanta, GA and Sheila (Doris) Mundy Pritchard of London, England. He was raised in Atlanta GA., Johannesburg, South Africa, London, England, Iron Mountain, Michigan, Concord, NH, and Durham, NH. He was a graduate of The Meeting School, an extremely innovative and progressive Quaker High School in New Hampshire, and he received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. During this time, he was deeply inspired by the Beat movement. In pursuit of artistic community and a more unconventional path, he moved to New York City’s Lower East Side, where he would reside for the rest of his life as a poet, poet performer, street laureate, voice for the homeless and injustice and a singer inspired by the British and Delta Blues and the New York Punk explosion!!!!

Albert was a poet and author of such titles as Death’s Tit (The Bosom of Oblivion), Poems for a Drunken Jesus, Crucifiction (Last Beat of the Lost American Streets), and Howl Now! (Raw Nerves Verse VS. The Bloody Universe). He was also a writer for Street News, New York’s homeless newspaper, which was a pioneer for the street- paper movement. Many of Albert’s writings gave voice to the city’s more disenfranchised communities. It was his love of the Beat Movement and it’s voice –  as well as New York City itself –  that fueled his passion for writing. He was often referred to as the last of the Beat Poets, and was also a mentor and inspiration to many of the young and upcoming poets, as well as a powerful voice in the Beat Cathedral of the Street.

The following quotes about Albert are from both Original Beat poets and his contemporary Neo Beats:

Gregory Corso: “ A.A. Pritchard, The spontaneous Combustion of Fifties Beat Sixties Protest Vagabond Visions on a Sreetwise Mission. Save The Homeless, Man….Howl Now !! “

“A.A. PRITCHARD’S Prose and Poetry is a Wild Blues, An Anarchist’s Cry, a HOWLING! in the cages of Poetry as Usual” – JACK MICHELINE, author of Skinny Dynamite and Sixty-Seven Poems for Downtrodden Saints

Richard Hell ( Neo Beat ) :  A.A. Pritchard’s Poetry is too Alive for the Living and too Naked for the Dead !! “

Carl Solomon: “ A.A. Pritchard is an enigma. This is 1992, yet he writes with the same Savagery of Purpose AS THE Original Beats. “

 Hubert Huncke :  “A.A. Pritchard is The Last of The Beat Poets. “

Albert was also a singer and songwriter with his band, L.O.K. ( Love’s Outrageous Kingdom ), which had releases on the UK label Fetish Records in the late 70’s. He continued to perform over the years both as a singer and poet:

Albert is survived by his daughter Zita Carroll, grandson Dashiell, Rosemarie Carroll (mother of Zita), his mother Sheila Pritchard, brother Brandon Pritchard and Heidi Shahbaz, niece Chelsea Pritchard and nephew Rory Pritchard. His last days were spent in the loving care of his family and the incredible staff at Sacred Heart Home.

Spirit- Gregory Corso


is Life

It Flows thru

the death of me


like a river


of becoming

the sea

Memorial donations in memory of Albert Pritchard may be made to:Sacred Heart Home 1315 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140 or Project Home 1515 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130….Peace, Love and HOWL NOW !!!!